Our Mission: To Glorify God and Honour His Name



1. WE VALUE THE WORD OF GOD – From Genesis to Revelation, we believe that the Bible, God’s word, has relevant answers for today’s world
(Hebrews 4:12).

4. WE VALUE EVANGELISM – We will invest time and resources to help seekers find God. We will use conventional and unconventional means to reach the lost at any cost (Luke 19:10).

Our Values


2. WE VALUE LOVE – In Loving God and Loving People, love must drive everything we do. The motive of all actions is love
(Luke 10:27).

5. WE VALUE DEVELOPMENT – We help Seekers to become Believers, Believers to become Disciples and Disciples to become Teachers. We want to encourage and bring joy to the development process (Matthew 28:19-20).



3. WE VALUE PEOPLE – We believe every person is a gift and has gifts to be utilised by God. Every person is important because of who we are, not what we do
(Ephesians 4:11-12).

6. WE VALUE THE SERVANT HEART – We want to imitate the example of Jesus Christ (Matthew 20:28).

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